About Us

DEVCake is a newly founded company, specialized in vitality-improving and–supporting services and software. Our mission: creating a healthier and more vital society in the Netherlands. When we have proven ourselves, expanding to other parts of the world is our next ambition. We want to achieve this by offering vitality as a service: we believe that by stimulating people – socially, competitively, no matter what age, what society, how vital you are right now, in a gamified environment - a vital community will emerge like no other.


Any type of organization, be it profit or non-profit, school or municipality, if your organization is planning to improve vitality, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you, no strings attached. See contact information below.

Serious gaming Solutions

We believe that by using serious gaming as a tool, people are much more likely to be interested in learning new things. By this approach, DEVCake separates itself from its competitors.

App Development

We develop mobile applications to support the services DEVCake offers. These applications can be developed while keeping focus on the wishes of clients.

Technical Support

All our products have the possibility to get technical support. This can vary from updating to a new Android or IOS version to detailed support on specific bugs found.

Trend Analysis

All our services collect data that can be analyzed, and used for different kinds of purposes.

Concept & Design

Do you have a vitality-oriented problem and do not have the time or knowledge to solve this yourself? Let DEVCake assist you in creating a suitable solution with you.

DEVCake Blog
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DEVCake group photo at East Sweden Hack
DEVCake participates in the East Sweden Hack

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DEVCake team at UT Summerschool
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Certificate in e-health obtained by DEVCake

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