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DEVcake was founded by fellow Computer Science students Boy Bouw and Mike Slinkman by their shared passion for apps and gamification. Since then our team has expanded with specialized and talented new members. Now we combine our expertise with creative concepts into projects and product that we are proud of. You can find some examples on the page Our work.
Today our team is growing and developing, but the core of our company still consists of the same two members that founded it.


Boy Bouw

Project management

As a project manager with a technical background, you can explore the possibilities for your company with me. With our knowledge of all modern technological possibilities and your knowledge the market, together we will come to high-standard and realistic expectations. I will personally make sure you will get the expected quality.

Mike Slinkman


As lead developer, I’m responsible for all technological developments within our company. Varying from the development of the products and services that we offer to managing and maintaining our development environments. I also support the interns and other developers that work on technological assignments within DEVcake.


DEVcake makes the journey as important as the destination. By providing custom made solutions and combining gamification with modern technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality we create a complete experience.
We develop software that can guide, support and add to your company, product, service or activity. For instance through presentation, training, or entertainment. We will enrich the concept we collaboratively produce with modern technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. We also focus on gamification with game-elements that are tailor-made to fit your target audience.
For examples of projects, we have worked on you can visit the page “Our work”.
Keulenstraat 12, Deventer The Netherlands
+31 6 39 45 45 64
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