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Your app starts with your idea

You’ve got an idea for an app, that can push your organization to the next level, but you don’t have the right knowledge to do this yourself? Let DEVcake do the work for you! We will explore the possibilities together with you. DEVcake will also research the added value of elements like virtual reality and game elements.

Virtual Reality

By using Virtual Reality (VR) we can offer your clients an entirely new way to get to know your content. With the help of a VR-Goggle people can see your content in a way never experienced before. In Virtual Reality, we can also enable the users of our products to interact with your content. All these elements ensure that your customers will have a unique and engaging experience, so they will remember you and your product.


Serious gaming is a way to increase the engagement of your users. By using several elements based on scientific research in your product, users are more likely to return to your app.
Serious gaming and/or gamification is a broad subject and the possibilities are endless. A great example of serious gaming is the often used rewards system. This system requires your users to perform an action, like completing a small game, like a quiz. As a reward, they will receive points, which can be used to unlock specific rewards. 

Augmented Reality

The main difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), is that AR adds 3D objects to the reality. These objects can be seen by using the camera of your smartphone in combination with an app. Just point your camera at something and the virtual object will be placed on top of the reality. A great example of AR is the popular smartphone game Pokémon Go. By aiming your camera at the Pokémon you will be able to see it in the real world and catch it to add it to your collection.

The development and realization of your app

When you are satisfied with the concept, we will start by making a plan. With this plan
we will develop your idea, of course, keeping you frequently updated on the progress.
After development has finished we will start testing, together with you. With this information, we will refine
your product for a bug-free experience from day one.

The next phase

Finally, it is time for you to start using your app, but this is only the beginning!
DEVcake is always keeping up with the latest tech trends, so if you are looking to upgrade your app in the future we would love to help you with that. The most important thing is that your app keeps functioning properly,
so after release, we will continue to support and develop your product.
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