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Indoor positioning graduation assignment

full-time | Starting February 2019 | Deventer.


Are you going to graduate for your BA or MA? Focus your graduation research at DEVcake on topics such as RSS, PDR and fingerprinting algorithms for the development of an Indoor Positioning System SDK!


What are you going to do?

You’ll be researching existing and new methods of developing a mobile SDK to enable indoor positioning (IPS). Your main goal here is to get a good accuracy of a person’s position. We’ll also take a look at cost-efficiency for development and deployment and extra features such as automatic floor detection and automatic in-and outdoor detection for supporting multiple venues. With the help of DEVcake’s developers, you’ll be creating an early prototype, or proof of concept, with these functionalities.

How are you going to do that?

Since everybody has a smartphone and WiFi is becoming a standard in almost every building today, positioning people inside buildings is becoming increasingly possible. By the strong recent rise of IPSs (Indoor Positioning Services) the technology has been fragmented into a lot of different techniques, without a clear standard. Some methods require a lot of preliminary work, like installing beacons, special lights, having to calibrate the entire indoor space or configuring WiFi APs. Still, we see a lot of possibilities to make indoor positioning, even with an accuracy of 1-5 meter, possible without any of these actions. 
You will explore publicly available algorithms and known methods of indoor positioning, as well as experimenting with your own. After which, you will decide the most cost-efficient way of creating the prototype IPS with an accuracy of around 5 meter for mobile devices. Some techniques and software that are avialable for use:
  • RSS measurements of WiFi signals
  • (Pedestrian) Dead Reckoning by measuring inertia with an IMU
  • Fingerprinting (geomagnetic) recieved data inside a building
  • Public SDK’s like that of AnyPlace
After determining the right approach, you will develop a mobile SDK, ready for implementation in Android and iOS devices.
You’ll be working mostly alone during the research phase, although your colleagues and the client will be available as sparring partners. During the development phase, they will take a more active and direct role in helping you with programming tasks.

What should you be able to do already?

To make sure the project will be a success, we ask the following of you:
  • You are interested in, and have basic knowledge of, positioning techniques, such as GPS, WiFi or UWB
  • You have some experience in software development and have worked with SDKs in the past
  • You have a background in mathematics or computer science, like HBO-ICT, Computer Science or Advanced Technology.
  • You work independently and are capable of finding the right people and sources to progress your research when encountering problems.
  • During work, you have a social and helpful attitude. You can communicate well, both professionally and informally with colleagues.
  • You are eager to learn and want to improve your technical knwoledge and skills.

What can you expect from us?

Your work will have a significant impact. Because of the small size of our time, your contributions and input will always be clearly visible in our products. Of course, some fitting rewards apply for this:
  • A large, personal workspace in an informal atmosphere, with friendly and helpful colleagues.
  • A lot of freedom in working hours. As long as you can do what you need to do, we don’t mind when you want to take a day or two off.
  • A financial compensation that fits your experience and knowledge.
  • The freedom and time to become better at what you do.
  • A chance to stay at DEVcake as a full member of our team, and grow with the company.
  • We provide the possibility for you to work on your own projects, next to the work you do for DEVcake.
  • Naast je werkzaamheden voor DEVcake, zorgen wij voor de faciliteiten en de mogelijkheid om aan je eigen projecten te werken.
  • A regularly planned evening of board game sessions, karting, escape rooms or other entertainment.

Sounds good?


Apply for this vacancy by either filling in your credentials below or sending your CV and motivation in an email to info@devcake.nl


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