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This virtual reality (VR) experience was created to view your future house in VR. To make this possible, an additional layer is placed over the 360 degree renders of 3D models of buildings. These layers added interactive elements to the scene, so the interior can be viewed from different angels. The application is suitable for the Google Cardboard so potential clients can view their future house in an easy and cheap way.

A look inside your new house in Virtual Reality?


A lot of architectural offices make 3D models of houses and office buildings before actual construction. They use them to make 2D images of these buildings to show to their customers. The models aren’t used afterward, which is a big loss given all possibilities. With this in mind, DEVCake started developing an interactive VR experience to extend the usefulness of these models.
At first, we used the original version of the 3D model. This soon turned out to be so detailed that it caused problems for some older smartphones to display. Because the goal is to have as many potential customers be able to go view the experience, a new solution had to be found. This solution is using 360 degree renders of the model, instead of the full 3D model. Projecting these renders on the inside of a circle generates the same experience for the user. This massively increased the number of smartphones capable of showing the experience and improved the ultimate level of quality. The user can move through the building by looking at markers placed throughout the building. This way, the user can see the building from a different angle.
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