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Saxion Serious Talks

“I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.”
How can you tell someone he or she is incurably ill? For healthcare students these kind of “bad news talks” are an increadably hard yet important part of their study. In actual practice this talk has to go well the first time. Thanks to Saxion Serious Talks students can now train these conversations extensively in Virtual Reality.

Training bad news talks in Virtual Reality.

Not only healthcare studens will recognize this problem. When someone has to be laid off or fired the bad news conversation has to be prepared as well. Students now train these conversations one on one with an actor. This is an expensive and inefficient way, because only one student at a time can practice. Experience is key and you will not gain it by looking at others perform.

Saxion Serious Talks is bad news conversation trainer that students can use to practice such a conversation with an actor. The only equipment needed are cheap VR glasses and your own smartphone. Saxion healthcare students are using the pilot-version of this applications to train a conversation with a patient. They will have to inform the patient that their disease is incurable.

You can choose from a selection of remarks or questions. In a 360 degree video your choice triggers a reaction from the patient on which you will have to react again. Your job is to choose the right way of approaching and navigating the conversation. Depending on your choices the conversation can end in a positive, understanding ending or a situation where the patient gets angry and shouts at you before leaving the room.

After you’ve completed the conversation you can see the choices you made, this time with professional feedback. This is based on the theories from the healthcare studies so you can learn, and how you can improve and why some choices may not have been the best. Contradictory to your first actual practice conversation you can try again and apply your newly gained knowledge to finish the conversation correctly.

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