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Vitality through gamification.

Stat-us is an initiative that is created in collaboration with the municipality of Tubbergen. The goal of this application is to make Tubbergen the most vital municipality of the Netherlands. Stat-us was first created as a demo for the municipality. Due to the importance of the subject DEVCake plans to develop a full version of the product.
Inhabitants of municipalities or employees of companies can use Stat-us to become more vital. We achieve this by using game elements like competition and score. Vitality through Gamfication as we like to call it. In the sections below you can find more information on how we plan to make Stat-us available.

Stat-us at work

Stat-us offers companies a set of tools to make their employees healthier and more vital. Research revealed that when employees perform small challenges during the day, they remain more productive during the entire day. When you add game elements to this mix, employees become motivated even more. By using Stat-us employees can compete between divisions and earn (vitality-related) rewards for their division. The anonymously collected division data will be made available for the company.

Stat-us for municipalities

Stat-us offers municipalities and inhabitants an innovative way to have a say in the allocation of government grants, by letting inhabitants request grants. For example for a new playground or an extra field for the local sports club. When municipalities select some of the initiatives they wish to support, sympathizers will get the chance to compete for a predefined amount of time to make their wish a reality. The winners will be able to receive a subsidy to (partially) cover the costs of the goal by the municipality. This way Gamification helps people compete for a more vital (and fun) municipality.
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