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Localization and sensor

Full-time graduation assignment | Starting February 2021 | Deventer.


Are you going to graduate for your BA or MA? Focus your graduation research at DEVcake on topics WPLAN, PCB’s and localization algorithms. For one of our clients, we are looking for a graduate student who can design and develop a prototype PCB (including embedded software) that can work with several WPLAN modules and sensors. The data that the hardware collects will be sent and visualized in a dashboard that is being developed by DEVcake, which the client can use to optimize their business processes. 


The problem

Although exact figures are unknown, our client annually loses an estimated 100 containers. These containers are delivered to, but not returned by, the customers of our client. The presumed reason for this is that these customers use the containers for their own purposes, like storing and transporting their own goods.

The proposed solution

The solution to the problem presented above, is to be found in localization technology. Therefore, the primary goal of the research is developing a product that can track the position of the containers. With this location data, several other business processes could also be optimized. In conclusion, the solution resulting from the research should have the following goals:


  • Saving expenses. Currently, the client has to purchase a new container frequently
  • More efficient use of trucks, containers, and people
  • Further optimizing the logistical and planning operations
To track the container’s location, a PCB should be developed (including embedded software) that, as we currently expect, will use a combination of Narrowband-IoT and Sigfox or Lora. Sigfox or Lora can be used to locate the container while focusing on long battery life of 3-5 years. Narrowband-IoT can be used to send the data to a central server, where it can, in turn, be send to, or collected by, the dashboard’s server.
The hardware module is also to be provided with other sensors that can further the battery life and collect more logistical and process-based information about the container. The most important of which is knowing how full a container currently is. Other sensors can collect information like movement, shock, and fall-detection, humidity and more.

Who are we looking for?

  • You are currently enrolled in a relevant Ba or Ma programme, like Embedded Systems
  • During your education, you have been familiarized with localization using WPLAN
  • You are somewhat experienced with designing and prototyping a PCB
  • You are somewhat experienced with writing embedded software

What do we offer?

  • A pleasant work environment in a creative, young and innovative tech company
  • A fitting compensation
  • The possibility to work from home or at our office.

Sounds good?


Interested? Send your cv and a short motivational letter telling us why we should choose you, to info@devcake.nl. We’ll contact you shortly after. We’re looking forward to your application!


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