A step into
the digital world

A step
into the digital world.

DEVCake is a newly founded company, specialized in websites/app-development, virtual reality and gamification. Our mission: Guiding small-to-mid-sized organizations into the digital world.

Lots of organizations want to get into the digital world but do not have the capacity to develop and/or maintain it. We want to guide those organizations from A to Z to fulfill their digital needs. This can vary from a website or simple informative app to a full-fledged app with virtual reality capabilities and/or various game-elements.

Want to know more?

We can provide you with basic information about your situation on how to get started, for free! See contact information below.

The team

Boy Bouw

Project Manager
Hey! I’m Boy Bouw, project manager at DEVCake. I do planning, QA, and communication. I stay up to date with the latest tech, gadgets, entertainment, and sports. Think DEVCake can do something for you? Give us a call!

Mike Slinkman

Lead developer
Hey, I’m Mike, I’m the Lead Developer. This makes me responsible for all our tech solutions. Due to my background in Game Engineering, I strongly believe in new techniques (e.g. Gamificiation). Any tech related questions? Contact us!

Jim de Vries

Marketing Manager
Hi, I’m Jim. I am the marketing manager at DEVCake. Due to my study in commercial economics I am responsible for most sales related tasks. If you are interested in what we can offer you, contact us without obligation.

Mike Sohns

Business Developer
Hello, I’m Mike! Recently graduated from my study Business Informatics and am helping DEVCake with new concepts, R&D, acquisition and webdevelopment & -presence. Have an awesome app-idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us!